Music rekindles connection

Each month we visit the Fisher Home in Amherst, where all of the patients are on hospice. The experience is always moving, and often very profound.

The last time we were there we sang for a woman and her son. He told us that since arriving there she had spoken only in single word utterances. When […]

…she had never known that her grandmother played the violin.

One of the things that occur to me is how often we do something that we have not rehearsed for, how we adjust on a personal level to relate to the people, including caretakers, being sung to. Some examples: one person we sang to many times expressed that she loved the Pachelbel Canon, so Marilyn […]

A profound gift to our family.

I am a perfect person to give a testimonial about the Eventide experience: I originally didn’t really want them to come.

In late September, after the wild six-month rollercoaster ride of my mother’s illness and predicted death, she had finally slipped into a coma. Our journey had been so intense and so personal that, even though […]

Music is a language of love indeed.

Dear Eventide Friends,

You brought me great joy and peace last Friday and your spirit remains. Warmth, laughter, felt encircled by rainbows. Liked how you enjoyed each other, happy energy. I am so grateful – music is a language of love indeed.

Your ongoing supporter, Josie

…from a time of great sadness to a time of great joy.

I first learned of the Eventide Singers from my dear friend, Joan VanderVliet, who is a huge fan of yours. And I first heard you sing at our church during a good-bye service for Joan, when we celebrated her time at our church and wished her well on her move to the eastern part of […]