The Effects of Bedside Singing at the End of Life

Imagine yourself or your loved one surrounded by strangers at your bedside. They begin to sing, and as graceful harmonies fill the room, you notice that you are feeling more relaxed. Memories are awakened. For a few moments, you allow yourself to let go of any tension and fear gripping you during this final life experience and give yourself to each tender note.

Music has the ability to connect the dying patient and their families with joy, beauty, and peace, even in the midst of pain. Through song, we relieve some of the loneliness and offer loving support and courage both in the present moment and for the journey that lies ahead.

Often music can reach places inside a person that words cannot. We witness this depth in the moving toes of an unresponsive patient, in the slowing breaths of someone who is struggling, in the squeeze of a hand, in the tranquility of a face, and in the smile of someone who hasn’t smiled in far too long…

We are humbled by this process. This is why we sing.

Who We Serve

Our primary focus is to attend those near end of life. Small ensembles of Eventide Singers offer comfort to hundreds of people at assisted living facilities, homes, hospitals and nursing homes throughout Franklin County. Groups as small as three or four may sing at the bedside of an individual in need. It’s not unusual for us to visit someone many times at the request of the patient or family.

However, end of life is not our only focus. We welcome the opportunity to sing for anyone who is homebound or at a facility and would benefit from the joyful comfort of music.

Since our inception in 2007, our reach into the community has steadily grown. As a full chorus we sing at noteworthy community events such as Veterans and Memorial Day, Hospice of Franklin County memorial services, and at private memorials.

Go here to see a list of facilities we visit regularly and to arrange a sing, either at one of these facilities or at home.

What People Are Saying

“Thanks to you for managing to pull the group together on such short notice. And what a perfect concert for my Mom!!!

Please pass along our sincere appreciation of your dedication and kindness. The music was great and the singing was marvelous!

Thanks again!”

“We were all gathered around her bed as they sang songs of hope and love, angels and Amazing Grace. It was almost unbearably beautiful.

Our flood of tears was of pure sadness and pure gratitude of Mom’s life now at an end, for Mom’s gift of music to us, and for the gift of music being given to our family in her final hours.”

“The music you all provided at the Tree of Hope and Remembrance was such a lovely part of the program on Sunday. Thank you so much for your time, your talent and your spirit.

We appreciated the selection of songs, too, which struck a perfect balance of hope and remembrance in keeping with rest of the program.”