Eventide Sponsors

Eventide is indebted to and most appreciative of the sponsors for our Annual 2015 concert - Hospice of Franklin County Greenfield, Hospice of The Fisher Home, Amherst, and  Buckley Care Center (National Health Care Corporation) of Greenfield, Poet's Seat Health Care Center in Greenfield    

                            Fisher Home Hospice                          
 Hospice Of Franklin County            Fisher Home              Buckley Care Center        Poet's Seat Health Care Center

We are appreciative of their financial support, their acknowledgment of our services and their on-going encouragement. As volunteer singers we are inspired by their understanding and impressed by their good works in providing quality, attentive care and comfort for those in need every day of the year. As with all important and good works, it takes a team and we are pleased to be associated with such  skilled and worthy partners.