About Eventide

Eventide was founded by John Bos and Mary Schreiber for the purpose of bringing live music to people who were house bound for any reason.

The Beginning March - October, 2008: The inspiration for Eventide came as the result of a visit by John Bos of Shelburne, Massachusetts to Marshfield, Vermont to the home of a friend who was dying from cancer. Carolyn Jones was the founder of Carolyn’s Angel Band in Montpelier, later to be called Carolyn’s Choir, one of more than 15 hospice choirs in Vermont.
Bos began traveling to Vermont to visit with Carolyn who he had met and befriended during a singing workshop they had both attended the year before.
On one weekend in March 2007, he joined the singers from Carolyn’s Angel Band who had all came to Carolyn’s house for a potluck supper, to visit and to sing with their founder.
Driving back home the next day, Bos “knew” that something like Carolyn’s Choir was needed in Franklin County where John Lived.  
Bos sought advice on how to start a hospice choir from Kathy Leo, founder and administrator of the Hallowell Singers in Brattleboro, Vermont who encouraged him to continue to organize.
Soon after, Bos asked former hospice nurse and retired clergy person, Mary Schreiber to work with him to help start Eventide Singers. From the beginning, Eventide cultivated relationships with hospice organizations. Bos and Scheiber attended workshops for hospice to learn how to be present at bedsides. They sponsored meetings to attract interested singers and soon the core group of 21 Eventide Singers was formed.
October 28, 2008 marks the first rehearsal date and the beginning of Eventide.
Eventide has been consistently fulfilling its vision ever since. The above is a brief summary. For a complete detailed timeline (PDF) complete with pictures and other names of all the people involved in our creation CLICK HERE.

To achieve our mission, we will:

  • Respond first to the needs of the patient and then caretakers in all our interaction
  • Respect the patient's rights and dignity
  • Not discriminate on the basis of spiritual beliefs, ethnic heritage, age , sex, or sexual orientation
  • Mindful that transition from life to death as a spiritual experience can be supported and enhanced by music
  • Respect the roles and responsibilities of health care professionals and work cooperatively with them
  • Respect the distinction between ourselves as members of Eventide and those who are the personal and professional caregivers
  • Recieve no financial compensation for our services

As a member of Eventide I will conduct myself in accordance with the following principles by:

  • Preparing myself for this sacred work by taking time at the beginning of each rehearsal to center myself with my colleagues on why we are singing
  • Building a community of collegiality as a member of the choir through consistent participation in rehearsals, responding positively when requested to sing (if available) for a patient, a caregiving facility, or an appropriate public event
  • Abiding by the terms of the Eventide confidentiality statement
  • Refraining from proselytizing my religious beliefs through choice of music or verbal communications when providing a public service
  • Excusing myself during a bedside singing session should I become overwhelmed with personal issues around death and dying that may come up for me